Why Choose TaggPay?


Save yourself a trip to your local check cashier and cash your checks remotely from work, home or on-the-go.


Your information is fully encrypted and secure. Checks are approved and guaranteed by the retail service provider you know and trust.


Now you can clear your checks directly into any eligible debit or prepaid card account.


Snap a picture of your check. Send it remotely. Approved funds are available in minutes.

How Does it Work?

Register at Your Neighborhood Check Cashier

Visit your trusted service provider where they will setup your account, verify your ID, and take your picture.

Download the App

Download the TaggPay Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

Sign Up & Link Your Account

Activate your TaggPay account and link the debit and prepaid accounts to which you want your check funds loaded.

Cash Your Checks Remotely!

Now you can quickly cash your checks with your registered service provider. Anytime! Anywhere!

Have you already registered with your neighborhood check cashier?

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